Design & Planning

We have learned over many years that just as getting the foundations right make for a successful project, getting the design and the detail of that design right also prevents a myriad of problems down the road with regard to building your dream home.

Sourcing the right Architect who will listen to your specific requirements and be able to turn them into a set of accurate blueprints is critical. We have taken our knowledge of that sector and those we have worked well with and partnered with them. Our panel have proven that they listen to clients, produce clear, detailed drawings and share the vision and the journey to turn ideas and drawing board dreams into reality.

Our team will guide you through every step of the process, from initial discussions, planning applications and building regulations applications to delivery.

Doesn’t this make it more expensive? No, in engaging and managing a process from the outset, we can work with cost management and expectations to ensure we can deliver the proposed project for the available budget. Often the increases in costs later are attributable to incomplete or unworkable designs or expectations being out of balance with allocated funds.

Building a new home or extending or refurbishing your existing one can be stressful if not managed correctly. Our approach is geared towards providing clarity and detail, focusing on removing the stress of the unknown.
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Do I need Planning Permission?
As a rough rule of thumb, if you are going to build something new or, if you are going to make a significant change to your building such as the building of an extension then it is likely that you will require formal Planning Permission.

However, there are certain circumstances where projects could be undertaken without formal planning consent under Permitted Development Rights.

To find out more detail we would recommend taking a look at the Planning Portal Website here Common projects – Common projects – Planning Portal

If you commence a build without ensuring it is permissible under Permitted Development or having followed a formally planning application you could be at risk of having to undo all of the changes you make.

How much does planning application cost?

The fees for Planning Applications will vary, depending on the scale of the project you intend to apply for permission to build.   

Details of the current fees can be found here: A Guide to the Fees for Planning Applications in England (

How long does the planning process take?

This is a relatively quick process if there are no objections. 

A planning application for a relatively simple, straight forward project could be decided within 8 weeks. Larger format projects and major works should usually be decided within 13 weeks from the date of application.

What happens if my planning application is refused?

The first plan of attack would be to try and come to an agreement with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) by altering your plans, usually some simple design tweaks can make a project more agreeable to Planners.   

However, from time to time simple changes will not suffice and you will need to appeal the planning authority’s decision to refuse permission.   

For homeowners the appeal must be lodged within 3 months, usually the LPA will write to you with details of how you appeal in instances where a Planning Application has been refused.

Once planning permission is granted is there a time limit by which the build should start?

Under current UK Law any planning consent granted will expire after a specified period. Typically, and unless otherwise stated you will have 3 years from the date permission is granted to begin the development. 

If you haven’t started by then, it is likely you will have to resubmit the application.

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