Structural Engineering

Many refurbishment projects require the skills and expertise of a structural engineer. Whether adding bi-fold doors to the rear of your house or making changes to the internal layout, such as removing structural walls, a structural engineer is essential.

If you need structural steel or other structural elements designed as part of your project, please get in touch. Our Panel Engineers are tried and tested through the delivery of numerous projects and trusted for their sage advice and precise calculations, drawings and designs.

With our engineers working in conjunction with our architectural team, we can provide a complete set of construction drawings for any structural system, whether a single beam or a multi-component configuration.

Use our form to submit your project details, and we will return a price for you to complete the structural elements.


My job is only small do I still need an Engineer?
Yes, it is likely that if your work involves the alteration of the existing structure, for example the removal of load bearing walls, and also requires the involvement of a Building Control Officer that you will require the involvement of a Structural Engineer.
When do I need a Structural Engineer?

Architects and Engineers work collaboratively on most projects including the following types of project:


  • Building an Extension
  • Loft Conversions
  • Removal of Existing Chimney Structures
  • Modifying or Removal of Existing Load Bearing Walls
  • Fitting of Solar Panels (Roof Loading)
  • Underpinning of Foundations
  • Modifying Door or Window Openings
  • Building of Retaining Walls


Structural Engineers are also used in monitoring and determining structural movement and subsidence and designing the engineering solutions to correct those problems.    You may also be referred to a Structural Engineer by a Surveyor during a property purchase for example to ensure the property is stable. 

What does a Structural Engineer do?
A Structural Engineer will design your structure to withstand the stresses and forces imposed through environmental forces such as wind and geology and the live (moving) loads imposed by you as occupants using the building.

Their designs/calculations will ensure that the structure does not deflect, rotate, vibrate or collapse and this will ensure that the building remains structurally stable and secure.

What is the difference between an Architect & a Structural Engineer?
An Architects primary focus is usually on the aesthetic design and functionality for the intended occupant or user of a building. A Structural Engineer will typically work along side an Architect but their focus will typically be on ensuring the correct materials are utilised in the correct manner to ensure structural stability and long term durability.
How much does a Structural Engineer Cost?
Pricing and cost is going to vary according to the scope and complexity of the work / project in contemplation. However, for rough guidance purposes only you should probably expect fees of around £350 – £550+VAT for a simple project rising to several thousand pounds or more for more complex residential projects.

Site inspection fees can vary but roughly for budget purposes you could expect fees of around £75-£80/hr+VAT

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