Single Storey Extension, Refurbishment

Kanes Hill, Southampton

Duration: 6 months

Side Extension, Kanes Hill, Southampton

This residential construction project aimed to enhance an existing property’s living space while integrating smart home technologies. This involved forming a new side extension and opening up the rear of the property to create a spacious, bright kitchen, dining, and living area. The construction also included a utility room, a downstairs WC, and an office space.

Planning and Design Phase:
In collaboration with the Johnsons, the construction team, alongside architects and designers, developed detailed plans and designs for the project. These plans incorporated the extension, rear opening, and the seamless integration of the orangery. Smart home technologies, including the Unifi whole home wi-fi system, integrated smart audio, and smart heating controls, were incorporated into the design phase to ensure seamless implementation.

Obtaining Permits and Approvals:
The construction team secured all necessary permits and approvals from local authorities before commencing work. This step was essential to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

Demolition and Excavation:
The existing structures that needed to be removed for the extension were carefully demolished. Excavation work was carried out for the new foundation of the extension.

Foundation and Structure:
The foundation for the extension was laid, and the structural framework was erected. Great care was taken to ensure the existing Orangery structure was not compromised during this process.

Opening up the Rear:
A portion of the existing rear wall was removed to create the open living space. Structural reinforcements were introduced to maintain the property's integrity while creating a seamless flow between the new extension and the existing Orangery.

Extension and Roofing:
Once the rear was unobstructed, the construction team built the side extension. High-quality materials were used to match the existing property's aesthetic. The roofing was completed, ensuring proper insulation and waterproofing.

Interior Finishing:
The interior finishing work included plastering, painting, and flooring to create a polished look. The Johnsons were consulted to select appropriate finishes and materials that aligned with their vision.

Smart Home Technology Integration:
The smart home technologies were installed during the final stages of construction. The Unifi Wi-Fi System was set up to provide robust and reliable internet coverage throughout the property. The integrated smart audio system was installed to allow seamless music playback in various areas. Smart heating controls were incorporated to optimise energy usage and create a comfortable living environment.

Utility Room, Downstairs WC, and Office:
The utility room, downstairs WC, and office spaces were constructed with careful attention to functionality and aesthetics. Plumbing, electrical, and networking infrastructure were installed to ensure seamless integration with the smart home technologies.

Final Inspections and Handover:
Before the handover, the property underwent rigorous inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards and building regulations. Once approved, the keys to the new, modern living space were handed over to the delighted Johnsons.