Single Storey Extension


Single Storey Orangery Extension, Southampton

Before booking a build slot, the clients wanted clarification on the final designs. Our team worked with the clients and proposed various options, trying to make all considerations like use of space, gains, return on investment, and cost align.
We worked to increase the living space with an orangery-style extension, creating a better connection to the outside while maintaining the historical 1930’s charm and ensuring energy efficiency.


Project Phases:
Initial Consultation and Design Concept:
Meeting with the clients to understand their vision, preferences, and functional requirements.
Collaborating with client and our team to develop design concepts that marry the 1930's charm with a modern orangery structure.

Regulatory Approvals:
Conducting a thorough analysis of local building regulations.
Preparing and submitting planning permission applications.

Structural Assessment:
Engaging structural engineers to evaluate the 1930's house's foundation and strength.
Designing the orangery with a structurally sound framework.

Material Selection and Budgeting:
Collaborating with the clients to choose materials that complement the existing house.
Developing a comprehensive budget, considering construction costs, materials, and labour.

Employing skilled craftsmen and builders with experience with the construction methods required.
Implementing the construction phase with a keen focus on detail and quality.

Integration and Finishing Touches:
Blending the orangery seamlessly with the 1930's house, considering details like window styles, roofing, and trim.
Installing energy-efficient glass to maximise natural light without compromising insulation.

Final Inspection and Handover:
Thorough inspections were carried out throughout the project by a Private Building Control firm to ensure compliance with design specifications and regulatory standards.
Handing over the completed orangery to the clients, along with maintenance guidelines.

The property now has a modern, light and airy orangery that not only fulfils the client's vision but also enhances the property's overall appeal. The seamless integration of historical and contemporary elements has created a harmonious living space, providing the clients with a unique and versatile extension to their 1930's home. This project is a testament to the successful marriage of architectural tradition and contemporary design, showcasing the possibilities of thoughtful and well-executed home renovations. While booking a slot before finalising designs is an unusual way to approach a project, it proved that with the collaboration and engagement of the client, remarkable results can be delivered.