Cawtes Reach, Warsash

Duration: 4 months

Smart Home Installation, Cawtes Reach, Warsash, Southampton

Our clients, a tech-savvy couple, recently purchased a beautiful home in a gated community in Warsash. They wanted to transform their new property into a modern, fully equipped smart home with cutting-edge features. Their vision included a comprehensive home Wi-Fi system, advanced security solutions, a media wall for entertainment, a luxurious dressing room, smart lighting to enhance ambience, and energy-efficient windows and doors to improve sustainability.

Enterprise Level Wi-Fi System:
A high-performance mesh Wi-Fi network was installed to address the customer's connectivity needs. The mesh network offered complete coverage throughout the entire property, ensuring reliable internet access in every corner of the house, indoors and outdoors.

CCTV and Security Systems:
A comprehensive CCTV system was implemented for security. It included overt and covert high-definition cameras strategically placed around the property to monitor all entry points, the surrounding perimeter, and key indoor areas.

Media Wall:
At 9m wide, the media wall was designed in the living room to provide a centralised entertainment hub. It featured a large 87" flat-screen 4K smart TV, a high-quality sound system with integrated speakers, and a media console to house various entertainment devices. The setup was controlled through a smart remote and voice commands.

Dressing Room Alterations:
The existing primary bedroom was extensively altered. The project involved expanding the dressing room and installing custom-designed, built-in wardrobes, shelves, and racks to hold their extensive wardrobe collection. Smart recessed LED lighting was integrated to create personalised lighting presets.

Smart Lighting:
Smart lighting fixtures were installed throughout the house, allowing the clients to adjust the brightness, colour, and ambience of each room via smartphone or voice commands. Motion sensors were also set up to automate lighting in frequently used areas.

New Windows and Doors:
The homeowner had their old windows and doors swapped out for modern, energy-efficient replacements. These new installations featured built-in remote operation sensors that could be controlled through the smart home system, offering enhanced security and better insulation.