Air Source Heat Pumps

If you’re interested in cleaner ways of heating your home, an air source heat pump (ASHP) is a great option. It allows you to generate heat for your home in a renewable way and could help save money on your power bills. With the UK government’s dedication to achieving Net Zero by 2050, it’s looking likely that gas boilers are on their way to extinction and air source heat pumps will be the new standard. But how exactly does an air source heat pump work?

An air source heat pump will use the heat present in the air outside and compress it to increase the temperature. This is then sent to your radiators or can be stored in a hot water cylinder to be used when you turn on the hot tap. The heat that they generate is cooler than that usually produced by a conventional gas boiler, so an ASHP works best with larger radiators and is especially effective when used in conjunction with an underfloor heating system. Whilst an air source heat pump does use electricity to run, it is extremely efficient, and produces around three times (and even up to four times) the amount of energy than it uses to run.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you will need some outdoor space for the installation of an air source heat pump, but the ground space needed is minimal. It is also seriously worth having an underfloor heating system installed if you do not already have one to make the most of the energy-saving benefits.

If you’d like to make the move to an air source heat pump then at Brightech we’re happy to talk you through the process and what we have available.

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