Gas Boiler Servicing

As well as gas appliances and flues, landlords are legally responsible for boiler repairs and services. This means you will need to have the boiler in any rented property serviced annually to make sure that it is operating safely. These inspections performed by a Gas Safe engineer ensure that there are no hazardous gas leaks posing a threat to the health of your tenants. At Brightech, we will be able to give you the peace of mind that your properties are safe and operating within the law.
During our inspections, our technicians will also notice any issues that may require attention in the near future, proactively notifying you about any necessary repairs or changes needed before serious damage is caused. This is particularly useful when done in the warmer months before the boiler is more heavily used during the winter, when those minor issues can become major ones, leaving your tenants without hot water and heating.
Having your boiler regularly checked can also help it run more efficiently, potentially even lowering energy bills and increasing the life-span of the boiler. Our team of experts will make sure your equipment is running as effectively as possible, updating wherever necessary.
What can I expect in a boiler service inspection?
● A visual inspection of the boiler overall
● An inspection of the electrical components of the boiler
● Checking electric connections to the boiler
● A check of the boiler controls
● Inspection of the boiler component itself
● Thorough clean of external casing or any internal components if necessary
● Check of the boiler vents and flue, making sure there are no leaks
● A test of the boiler whilst running ruling out any issues with the system as a whole
● Checking the boiler pressure
● Identification of any issues that require action or repairs
A gas boiler service is quick, important and only needed once a year and Brightech can organise it all for you, so it’s one less thing for you to think about.

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