Underfloor Heating

Over the years, particularly with the rise in people moving to greener energy systems, underfloor heating has become a very popular choice over the more conventional radiator-based heating systems. With quick install times and little-to-no maintenance required, they are an ideal pick for any home, regardless of your current flooring.

So what makes underfloor heating preferable to the traditional radiator-based approach? Well, there are several benefits. Underfloor heating spreads underneath your whole flooring system, heating from the ground up. That means you’re getting consistent heat throughout the entire house, with no cold spots. The fact that it’s under your pre-existing floor means that you can have heat in rooms that might be too small for a standard radiator. You can get rid of all your radiators, even, leaving you with more space and scope when planning your living area. 

Underfloor heating works well at low temperatures too, it’s highly energy-efficient, meaning you can save money on your energy bills. Teamed with a heat pump, you could make even more savings, and make the most of renewable energy sources.

You might find that for a household with allergies, an underfloor heating system could help. Traditional radiators can easily become clogged up with dust, which then gets dispersed around your home as it’s being heated. Underfloor heating doesn’t have this issue because it produces much less air movement and the flat open space is much easier to keep dust free, avoiding the issue altogether.

Benefits – At a Glance

● Uniform heating throughout the home, including small rooms.
● Can remove large, clunky radiators, allowing more space and design scope.
● Energy efficient, can save money on energy bills.
● Could benefit people who suffer from allergies.
● Easy to install, regardless of floor type.
● Minimal maintenance requirements.

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