Smart Homes

Maximise the comfort and efficiency of your home by making it smarter. At Brightech, we have Smart Home specialists that will ensure all your systems can be securely automated and integrated.

Every minute of every day is full of active decisions. We actively decide to turn the lights on and off as we enter and leave rooms, switch on the heating when it’s cold, turn the alarm on at night, and off again in the morning. We close the curtains at night, or when the sun is too bright. We’re constantly adjusting the volume.

All of these things we have to take physical action to do, but what if they were all automated? What if all of these things could be done passively, keeping your home comfortable without you continuously needing to keep on top of it all?

With Brightech Smart Homes, that’s exactly what you’re getting – the perfect home environment, all the time.

Smart Heating

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Smart Lighting


Smart Security

Whole Home WiFi

Smart Shading

Satellite Internet

Energy Efficiency

With Smart installations from Brightech, saving energy becomes easy. All our Smart products are chosen with efficiency in mind and everything works seamlessly together. Your lighting, heating and shading systems complement each other, using environmental factors like the heat and position of the sun to only use power when absolutely necessary. Smart Sockets can automatically cut the power to any devices left on standby, so there’s no trickling consumption going on.

A simple routine can be created to turn off any devices in use, so when you go out or to bed, you know there’s nothing accidentally left on.

Your solar panels can be integrated into your Smart Home, allowing you to prioritise where the energy you’re collecting goes. You can use this additional energy to help with the electricity demand in your home during peak times. You can schedule times for the energy to be used as well, meaning you can take advantage of cheaper night tariffs to charge an Electric Vehicle.



Brightech wants your life to be as easy as possible, no matter your personal circumstances, so we have a variety of solutions available to help with that.

  • Visual alarms – If you or a loved one are hearing impaired, we can organise visual alerts to become a part of your Smart Home system. From a doorbell notification, to fire or intruder alarms, we’ll ensure that you are kept informed at all times.
  • Specific Environments – Sometimes having the right environment can make a huge difference to people struggling with anxiety or you may have a family member with autism that prefers a specific colour lighting. Brightech can give you the ability to control the heat, audio and light set up of any room at the push of a button. Or our Presence Sensors can trigger a pre-organised selection of sounds and lights to activate when you enter a room, allowing you and your loved ones the respite needed in a way that suits them best.
  • Voice Activation – All of Brightech’s installations can be integrated with voice activation where required.
  • NFC Tags – NFC tags can be installed throughout your house and programmed for various purposes, allowing you to arm an alarm system or turn off all the lights with just a simple tap from your NFC-enabled phone. You can also use the NFC tags to access your house or garage rather than fumbling with keys.
  • Text-to-Speech – If you or a loved one are visually impaired, our text-to-speech feature can play pre-defined text notifications through the multiroom audio system. This is also helpful if you are physically challenged, as you can record messages via the App to notify others in other areas of your house, or even remotely if you are not at home.
Doesn’t a Smart Home require a lot of building work?

You might be thinking that the installation work that goes into creating a functional Smart Home is extensive and disruptive. Surely sorting out all the wiring takes a long time, and the labour cost must be very high?

Well actually, that’s not the case. Brightech has partnered with hardware providers such as Nest and Tado whose products are wireless and can be endlessly retrofitted. That means the installation of your Smart products is painless, with minimal disturbance to you and your household. And when the fitting is fast, the labour cost is low, so you can worry about which products you want and not how lengthy or costly it will be to set up. Most products are specifically designed to work with what you already have, transforming the everyday into something more intelligent. So your home will still feel like your home, just smarter.

Aren’t Smart Homes expensive?

Sure, a Smart Home could be on the pricey side, if you want all of the bells and whistles, especially all at once.

But Brightech believes that Smart should be accessible for everyone, and that’s why we offer all the aspects of our service, individually; so you can have as many or as few features as you like. We want your home to work for you and your budget.

All the products we work with are fully expandable, so you can start with just one option, and grow your Smart Home system over time; everything is fully integrated too, so will work together harmoniously.

Essentially, as little or as much as you want, we’re here to help.

Any Questions?

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