Home Cinema

Having a Home Cinema doesn’t have to be an incredibly expensive ordeal. Many can be set up in your own living room, working with what you already have to create a space that can transform into a media dream with the help of Smart technology. We believe that a Smart Media room should be accessible for anyone, whatever the budget, so we’ll help you design a space that’s relaxing, enjoyable and affordable.

You might want to make the most of your existing Smart TV, we can maximise its potential with the use of Smart backlighting, which triggers when you start up Netflix or Prime. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a really impressive screen size – so a projector might be the way to go. We can install a motorised projector that can really give you that Cinema experience, but can also remain hidden away when you’re not using it.

We can also design the perfect entertainment environment that is activated by the simple push of a button either on a switch, or in your Smart Home App. This will automatically adjust the lighting, turn on your TV/projector and allow you to control everything from the comfort of your seat. We want everything to function as smoothly as possible for you and we can link up your streaming services, game consoles or Blu-ray player, so it all just works.

Great sound takes the Home Cinema experience to the next level. You might have a fantastic Smart TV with great visual quality but the on-board audio could be greatly boosted by the use of Surround Sound and Smart Speakers. We can install top-quality wireless speakers, making sure the placement is perfect to provide you with an excellent audio experience, whilst still being visually discreet.

Full Home Cinema Installations
Perhaps you’d like the full Home Cinema experience? You’ve always dreamed of having a dedicated room with all the bells and whistles, and Brightech can help with that too. At Brightech we can organise everything from design and building-work to installation including Smart features, to create a bespoke Home Cinema room tailored to you.

If this sounds like something you would love, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Everything can be organised from one place within our organisation, so you won’t need to worry about making calls to multiple contractors. Our experience in installation work means that we can have your end-design in mind from start to finish, so building work accommodates features that are coming later. This means a seamless build, designed from the foundation up, to not only produce maximum visual and audio quality for you, but also make the most of your budget.

Any Questions?

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