Satellite Internet

If you live outside of a major city or on the outskirts of one, chances are that you’re suffering from poor internet connectivity. Recent global events have brought into light just how important it is to have a stable and highly-functional internet connection as the world’s population en masse have depended on one for work, education and relationships.

The pre-existing infrastructure of traditional landline connections has shown an inadequacy in many areas, leaving people plagued with inconsistent, slow connections and in some cases (particularly rural locations), no connection at all. As an alternative, many people are turning to satellite internet as a means to reliably connect with loved ones and browse the web while they do it.

Starlink is certainly an infamous name, and perhaps you’ve spent an evening or two seeing if you can spot the string of Elon Musk’s satellites trail across the night sky. Those satellites form an interconnected web around the entire planet, allowing you access to high-speed, low-latency internet from almost anywhere with a decent view of the sky.

This high-quality connection means you can enjoy all the benefits of having a great internet service like HD video streaming, online gaming and support for as many smart devices as you need. Our expert engineers can install the satellite dish on top of your roof, run the cabling where it needs to go and help set up your home network so you’re ready to go with smart, dependable and lightning-fast Starlink internet.

When teamed with our whole home Wi-Fi solutions we can provide you an internet connection that covers your entire home with no patchy spots between 100-200mbps with as low as 25ms latency.

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