Smart Audio

Intelligent Multiroom Audio

With multiroom audio there’s no need to have multiple devices dotted around your home. Brightech’s Smart audio means you can carry on with the audiobook you were listening to in the bath as you get dressed in the bedroom, or have your favourite album on throughout the house whilst you’re tidying. If you like cooking to the sound of a specific radio station, then you can be greeted by that starting up when you enter the room, and have it automatically turn off when you leave.

Harmonious Integration

You can set your audio preferences to work in conjunction with other Smart features too. If you or a family member sleeps well to the sound of rain, or white noise helps the baby sleep through, you can have these sounds start up when your lighting mood changes at bedtime.

Brightech can make the most of the audio devices you already have at home too, using the infrared technology of the an IR Control unit to connect to your existing multimedia equipment. So if you’re upstairs and can hear the TV through the floor, you can easily turn the volume down to a more suitable level.

Text-to-Speech Voice Announcements

Voice Announcements are a particularly useful feature, allowing you to record quick voice messages on your phone that can be played in other rooms in your house. So instead of shouting to the children that dinner’s nearly ready, you can just send a notification to them. This can be done remotely as well, so if you’re driving home with the shopping, and you’ll need a hand carrying it in, you can let your family know in advance and they’ll be ready for your arrival.


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