Smart Heating

Reduce your energy bills and create the perfect living environment by automating your heating system.

Your home’s temperature will always be just right. 

Passive Control
Is your home too cold in the winter, and way too hot in the summer? Are you sick of making night-time trips to a freezing bathroom? Do you sleep better in a nice, crisp environment? Brightech’s Smart Heating is about giving you the perfect temperature, wherever you are in your home at whatever time. In fact, if we’ve done our job right, then you shouldn’t even notice the climate.

Our heating and cooling products work seamlessly in conjunction with an app; once you’ve programmed in your requirements, everything will just work in the background, until you decide you want to change something. The temperature sensors we use can be installed in every room in your home, and adjust your heating or cooling accordingly, allowing for a custom climate for every room. So if you want that bathroom trip to be less bracing, but your sleep space to stay calm and cool, then it will.

Proactive Approach
Our Smart heating and cooling control is intelligent, so it will learn how long it takes each room to reach your desired temperatures, meaning if you want your living space to be a precise 21.5°C when you get out of bed, then that’s exactly what it will be. There’s no need to constantly adjust the thermostat. Think *proactive* rather than *reactive*.

Energy Saving
At Brightech, we want to help you make your home as green and economical as we can, and the products we install from our partners will work hard to achieve this goal. If you’re going to be out of the house, the heating system will know this, and will switch to the most cost-effective mode possible, whilst making sure that by the time you get home, it’s business as usual. The system will also work with outside factors, like using the sun to heat a room, rather than your boiler, saving energy and money.

Property Protection
Even if you’re away, and the system is off, it’s still working hard for you. With predetermined ranges, Brightech’s Smart Heating will keep your home protected from potential damage that could be caused by any extreme temperatures, like a harsh frost, or overheating.

Any Questions?

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