Smart Security

At Brightech, we want you to feel safe in the knowledge that your home and loved ones are safe and secure, and we have a large range of Smart home security products from our partners at our disposal to help achieve this. The best part being that our security system can make the most of utilising features already in your house, meaning you don’t need to splash out on a lot of new additional equipment.

Effortless Control
When it’s time for you to head out of the house, we can install a handy switch right by your front door. A simple tap on the switch lets the system know you are away and will ready the burglar alarm. Or if you prefer you can arm the alarm with the app. We can factor in a delay system too, so you’ve got time to leave without worrying about accidentally triggering it yourself. We can also place a switch next to your bed, so you can easily set the alarm when you’re ready to sleep.

Alarm Zones
You can even create as many alarm zones as you like, so if you’d like just the front porch and back door monitored, we can do that. This leaves you free to roam the rest of your house at night, without unwittingly setting off any alarms.

Multiple Notification Methods
If any Presence Sensors or the Door and Window Contacts do detect that there is an intruder incident, the system will use every tool at its disposal to deter them. We can have lights switched on, blinds opened and loud sirens or music playing. You will also get an instant notification straight to your mobile phone, so regardless of whether you’re in the house or not, you’ll be informed. Brightech can also integrate all of these features into a Panic Button, so you can activate them with just one touch in an emergency. You can monitor the exact status of your alarm from your phone too, giving you full control in case of unauthorised access.

Flexible Access Control
Our access control system allows you to give individual access to whoever you need, with time constraints attached. So if you need to give limited access for a delivery, that code will work during the day, and then be blocked overnight. You can keep track of who is using their codes through the app, so you know exactly who has opened the front door.

Damage Control
Brightech’s Smart Security is about providing you and your home protection from dangerous events like fires, or water leaks. If something like this should occur, you’ll not only be immediately notified through your phone, but you can have a visual alert established, like your lights flashing in warning. We want you to have as much warning as possible in such an event, so you can safely evacuate or prevent further damage to your home. Even if it’s just a simple case of a window or door left open on your way out, the system will make sure you know about it, so you can rectify it before leaving.

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