Smart Shading


Seamless Integration

The benefits of having an automated Smart shading system are much more than just saving you the time and effort of needing to manually open and close them all the time. At Brightech we use incredible products that work in complete conjunction with our other features like Smart lighting and heating, but can be also retrofitted to work with the existing shading you already own.


Morning and Night Cycles

We can set your blinds to raise with your alarm. In the lighter months you can enjoy waking up to the natural daylight, and in the darker months your bedroom lighting can mimic the sunrise as your blinds raise, keeping your routine the same. If you’d like your blinds to lower for privacy in the evening, the intelligent system will automatically close them for you as the sun sets and seamlessly turn on the indoor lights in occupied rooms. Brightech can even set up flexible groups for you so when it’s time for the kids to go to bed, the blinds in their specific rooms will close and any night lighting will trigger, making bedtime a breeze.


Temperature Control

Temperature control is also a huge part of our Smart shading system, and it will work in conjunction with your thermostat to provide you with extra warmth in the winter, and to keep you cooler in the summer. This is all done automatically, so if the afternoon sun is baking your living room, your blinds will close to keep the room from heating further. It works in harmony with your heating and cooling, so it might be that your desired temperature can be maintained by just adjusting the angle of your blinds or closing them if necessary. This trick will be used as a first resort rather than utilising your boiler or air conditioning, saving you energy and money.

Any Questions?

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