Whole Home WiFi

We get it. You pay out your hard-earned money for a high-quality internet service, so why are you having to deal with a connection that drops out or has patchy coverage across your home?

Issues like this can be caused by things like equipment being installed in suboptimal locations (inside cupboards/under the stairs/at the front of the house), a connection unable to meet the demand of multiple Wi-Fi devices, or those devices being set up ineffectively without dedicated channels on a decent, dual-band Wi-Fi network.

But you want a fast connection everywhere in your home so you can stream in every room, play online without latency and run all of those smart devices that are an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. So what can be done about it? At Brightech we work with a range of manufacturers to be able to offer custom Whole Home or Mesh Wi-Fi that’s especially tailored to your requirements.

We’ll carry out a survey of your home, and work with equipment you already have, recommending upgrades where necessary to keep costs low and reduce waste, whilst still providing you with that high-quality, reliable service you need across your whole house.

Any Questions?

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