Grove Place, Nursling

Duration: 2 Weeks

Box Guttering Solution, Nursling

This smaller project is an example of the reactive repair type works we do.   The problem here was a legacy problem arising from the inadequate design and poor execution of the original developer which meant that when it rained the water run off from the roof poured over inadequate gutters like Niagara Falls.

An additional problem here is that this is within the grounds of a Grade 1 Listed Property that we look after so we could not alter the appearance.



Our team designed a system that effectively looked like a gutter-less fascia.

Constructed out of biscuit jointed marine grade plywood, with internal hidden falls calculated to maintain adequate flow rates and discharge.

The channel was finished on the inside with a continuous GRP Lining formed onsite by our accredited team, and externally finished with UPVC Cladding and Trim.

These gutters are an ideal unobtrusive solution to high volume run off areas where deep flow gutters are either unsightly or not suitable.

  • Reactive Property Maintenance
  • Rainwater Goods
  • Guttering
  • Roof works