Home Battery Storage

In a world where energy costs are on a sharp rise, being able to power your home in the most efficient and economical way is absolutely vital. Many people are looking at alternatives to help save money and Home Battery Storage is one of them.

Essentially, we install a large battery (or batteries) for your home that can be charged by the National Grid or through solar energy when paired with solar panels. The stored energy can be used at any time to power your home, and provide a backup supply if there are any outages, so you aren’t affected.

We can provide a range of batteries for all applications / budgets.  Ideally you want a simple, sleek design that should fit nicely on the outdoor wall of any house. Obviously, water resistant and safe for households with children and/or pets with no exposed wiring or dangerous venting. They can be stacked together too, so if you have higher power requirements now or further in the future, it’s easy to upgrade with up to ten working in conjunction with each other.

At Brightech we like to use home battery storage solutions in conjunction with PV solar panels so you can run your home using clean energy. We’ll also show you how to use a simple app which will give you full control over the type of energy you use, and when you want to use it. It also gives you a detailed overview of your usage, meaning you can work out exactly how much you can, or are, saving.

If home battery storage sounds like something you could benefit from, contact one of our experts at Brightech and we’ll happily talk you through the process.

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